New Product Announcement: CLICK® PLUS PLC

The original and very popular CLICK® PLC series has been serving the industrial control industry for over 12 years and has become the go-to choice for many experienced Plant Engineers, Electrical Technicians, Machine Builders, as well as, beginners and students. CLICK PLCs were designed with simplicity in mind, providing reliable control at a low, low cost and with little to no learning curve. This simplicity makes CLICK a perfect solution for small machines, home automation projects, pneumatic applications or anywhere a simple system needs a budget-saving control solution.

Click PLUS PLC C2-08AR from Lamonde Automation

Building on the original CLICK’s simple design, the new CLICK PLUS PLCs offer the same practical control but with some surprising bells and whistles. Using the same FREE, streamlined PLC programming software as its predecessor, the CLICK PLUS PLCs provide no-headache programming combined with advanced capabilities like
Wi-Fi communication and data logging. With its robust, advanced feature set, the CLICK PLUS PLC line is undoubtedly the unmatched value leader!

Comparison between CLICK and CLICK PLUS

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