New Product Announcement: CLICK® PLUS PLC

Click PLUS PLC image

The original and very popular CLICK® PLC series has been serving the industrial control industry for over 12 years and has become the go-to choice for many experienced Plant Engineers, Electrical Technicians, Machine Builders, as well as, beginners and students. CLICK PLCs were designed with simplicity in mind, providing reliable control at a low, low cost and with little to no learning curve. This simplicity makes CLICK a perfect solution for small machines, home automation projects, pneumatic applications or anywhere a simple system needs a budget-saving control solution. Building on the original CLICK’s simple design, the new CLICK PLUS PLCs Continue reading New Product Announcement: CLICK® PLUS PLC

New Feature Announcement: CLICK now has PID

PID loop control capability (up to 8 loops simultaneously) has been added to the CLICK® Series of stackable, Ethernet micro brick PLCs. This feature is available in version 2.50 or greater of the CLICK software, which can be downloaded from our website here. CLICK PID control is streamlined with only the features that most users need, including direct or reverse acting control, pulse width modulated control outputs, bumpless transfer, anti-windup, auto-tuning, process variable alarms, process variable limits, control output limits and error deadband. The PID configuration interface is user-friendly and steps you through the parameters required. The CLICK PID monitor Continue reading New Feature Announcement: CLICK now has PID

Version 2.30 CLICK Programming Software Released – CLICK CPU now with High Speed Inputs!

We’re excited to announce the release of version 2.30 of the CLICK programming software – this can be downloaded from our website here.  The big news items here is that High-Speed inputs are now available on the CLICK Ethernet CPUs – a list of the available configurations by CPU type is at the bottom of this article. There are a couple of minor points to note for those migrating from Version 2.20 of the CLICK Software, the main one is that the Input setup that was previously configured in the CPU Built-in I/O Setup as below… …is now done from the “High Speed Continue reading Version 2.30 CLICK Programming Software Released – CLICK CPU now with High Speed Inputs!

New Weintek Driver Announcement – Koyo CLICK Ethernet

We’re delighted to announce that Weintek have developed a driver for the Ethernet CLICK® PLC models. Versions of EasyBuilder Pro greater than V5.03.01.046 have the new driver. Latest version of EasyBulder Pro is available for download here. Addresses: Bit memory addresses: X, Y, C, T, CT, SC Word memory addresses: DS, DD, DH, DF, XD, YD, TD, CTD, SD, TXT