New Product Annoucement: Weintek cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller

Product Introduction As the Industrial 4.0 revolution gathers pace, users are eagerly searching for ways to retrofit legacy factory installations with smart capabilities. To help with this, Weintek have integrated their CODESYS and IIoT Gateway into a single product, the cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller. This new model with built-in CODESYS, in addition to working with all iR modules also features IIoT Gateway protocol translation and the EasyAccess remote access service, making it a great fit for new smart automation systems or as an upgrade path for existing systems. Features: CODESYS-Based High-Performance PLC SystemIn compliance with IEC 61131-3 Programmable Continue reading New Product Annoucement: Weintek cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller

We’re Exhibiting at The Industry 4.0 Summit Expo 10-11 April 2019

We’re exhibiting at the 3rd Annual Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo, Manchester 10 – 11 April 2019. UK’s premier event for the 4th industrial revolution. We’ve exhibited previously at this event in 2017 & 2018. Continue reading We’re Exhibiting at The Industry 4.0 Summit Expo 10-11 April 2019

New product announcement – cMT-g02 IIoT Gateway

Integrating miscellaneous factory automation equipment is rarely an easy task since often each machine uses a different controller. When integrating with other IT systems, the variety of protocols often presents a challenge. In 1995, the OPC standard was released to address this issue, in 2006, OPC UA (Unified Architecture) made it possible to get the same information from machines regardless of operating system. The cMT-G02 communication gateway is not only equipped with an Ethernet port, but also supports WiFi which enables connectivity where conventional network wiring provision is not practical. With built-in de-facto IIoT protocols, MQTT & OPC UA, the Continue reading New product announcement – cMT-g02 IIoT Gateway

We’re exhibiting at the Factories of The Future Exhibition

We’re Exhibiting at the Factories of The Future Exhibition in Manchester Feb 28-March 2nd 2018.  The exhibition is running alongside the Industry 4.0 Summit – we’re on Stand Q15 – you can register here for free to attend – come along and discuss how we can help you to quickly develop & build your IIoT & implement with new and existing machines.

EasyBuilder Pro V6 is here!

Building on Weintek’s long experience of HMI software design, V6 brings EasyBuilder Pro bang up to date in both look and feel. The new ribbon style menu systems are logical, intuitive and easy to follow. Recently used objects populate this panel on the home tab as and when you use them allowing for even faster project design. Expanding the recently used panel reveals the groups of objects for faster access from the home tab without having to go to the object tab. New model Support V6 of EasyBuilder pro supports the new HMI models recently released, such as the cMT3072, Continue reading EasyBuilder Pro V6 is here!

Announcing the cMT-HDMI

Hot on the heels of the cMT3072 is the cMT-HDMI, the proven, popular cMT architecture with an HDMI output. The cMT-HDMI is an HMI without a screen – the screen can be an HDMI screen such as a TV or industrial monitor. As well as the rich cMT features, the cMT-HDMI also offers several improvements over the mTV-100 with support for different resolution screens and native support for several industry standard touchscreens (list of currently tested models below – connection to the touchscreen is via USB): • HOPE HIS-ML (19.5) • IMD-C160PT (15.6) • iEi DM-F22A/PC-R11 (21.5) Support for the cMT-HDMI will be Continue reading Announcing the cMT-HDMI

We’re exhibiting at the Factories of the Future Expo 4-5th April 2017

Running parallel to the Industry 4.0 Summit, the Factories of the Future EXPO will showcase the latest products and services for Industry 4.0, IIoT, smart factories and the future of manufacturing. The expo will be attended by manufacturing professionals from the UK & continental Europe  and will givethem an opportunity to see the latest advances/ new technologies in automation, robotics, software, sensors, virtual reality, augmented reality and other related areas. We will be showing products from Automation Direct & Weintek that can help you build your IIoT & Smart Factory. Come and see on stand S60. See event details here: Continue reading We’re exhibiting at the Factories of the Future Expo 4-5th April 2017

New Product Announcement : cMT3090 9.7″ CloudHMI

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new member of the cMT Series of HMI, the cMT3090, a welcome addition to the cMT range alongside the cMT3151 15″ HMI offering a good alternative to applications that previously would have require a cMT-SVR-100 & a cMT-iV5 panel. Physically similar in size and appearance to the existing MT8090XE, the cMT3090 boasts a built-in CloudHMI server enabling access from iOS or Android device, or PC running the  cMTViewer application. With an EasyAccess 2.0 licence built` in, remote access is a breeze. The cMT3090 is programmed using EasyBuilder Pro, a free download from our Continue reading New Product Announcement : cMT3090 9.7″ CloudHMI

New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

In IIoT applications, data integration plays a very important role, to achieve data integration, it’s essential that communication between onsite machines and upper layer data management systems (SCADA, ERP…etc.) is seamless, however, in factories where very often each controller uses a different communication protocol, data integration is challenging. With more than 20 years of experience of HMI development, the Weintek R&D Team have released the IIoT Smart Communication Gateway: cMT-G01 as a solution for data transfer and integration in the IIoT. With in-built de-facto standard IIoT protocols, MQTT and OPC UA and the ability to process data just as a Continue reading New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

HMI with WiFi Capability – MT-8103iE

Weintek have brought a great new innovation – the MT-8103iE, an HMI with built-in WiFi! As the 4th industrial revolution takes shape, a growing number of users require their HMIs to connect with ERP or other monitoring systems. Although Ethernet is the most widely used communication protocol between HMI and monitoring systems, not every factory has Ethernet wiring – in this case, Wi-Fi connectivity provides a great solution. Features 10.1″ 1024 x 600 TFT LCD with LED Backlight COM2 and COM3 RS-485 support MPI 187.5K (please use one at a time!) PCB coating process ensures high reliability to resist from Continue reading HMI with WiFi Capability – MT-8103iE