TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink

New in Inflink V5.00.45 is a built-in Modbus driver, making Infilink a smart choice for SCADA, enabling many projects to be delivered without the need for expensive OPC servers. This TechTip is a run through to get you started. We’re using a Koyo DirectLogic 06 PLC fitted with an H0-ECOM100 Ethernet module as our Modbus device. Launch the Modbus driver: Add a Channel… Give the channel a name – we’ll stick with the default – “TCP_Channel_1”, click “Next”. Set the IP address of your device, in our example, the IP address of our H0-ECOM100 in the 06 PLC is… Continue reading TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink