New Feature Announcement: Weintek cMT Series – 64bit Data

64-bit Data Type Support As digital technology evolves, 64 bit data is becoming more commonplace in automation. Many systems nowadays, especially those requiring extremely high precision such as semiconductor cutting, glue dispensing, motion applications etc., use 64 bit data to achieve high-accuracy control as rounding errors due to insufficient precision can be avoided. 64 bit data type is also being adopted for storing very large values, as can be commonly seen in record keeping applications like machine timers or accumulative power consumption in smart meters. Starting in EBPro V6.03.02, Weintek cMT Series HMI began to offer 64 bit data type Continue reading New Feature Announcement: Weintek cMT Series – 64bit Data

TechTip: Calculating The Difference Between Two Values Using a Macro In a Weintek HMI

This TechTip is about using a macro for a simple calculation to determine the difference between 2 values. To calculate the difference between 2 values, first we use the “>=” operator to determine if value1 is greater than or equal to value2, if this is the case, our result is calculated value1 – value2. If value2 is greater than value1 then our result calculation is value2 – value1. The macro is shown below: As usual there’s a demo project available for you to try out using EasyBuilder Pro’s excellent simulator. Download the demo here.