New Feature Announcement: Weintek iP Series HMI Range Gets Great New Features

Weintek iP Series HMI get's new features

To meet the demands for smart manufacturing systems and to provide enhanced data processing features, Weintek have added some great new features to the MT8051iP / MT8071iP / MT8102iP models. The new features are as follows:

The iP Series HMIs will need to be programmed with EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.02 or later versions to make use of the new features.

Note: The MT8102iP’s OS version must be 20201007 or later. Please contact Lamonde for assistance with upgrading this.

However, more advanced features such as USB Tethering, MQTT, e-Mail, VNC Viewer, network time synchronization, etc. remain unavailable on the iP Series. Please consider the cMT X Series if those features are required.

Browse the iP Series here.

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