TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink

New in Inflink V5.00.45 is a built-in Modbus driver, making Infilink a smart choice for SCADA, enabling many projects to be delivered without the need for expensive OPC servers. This TechTip is a run through to get you started. We’re using a Koyo DirectLogic 06 PLC fitted with an H0-ECOM100 Ethernet module as our Modbus device. Launch the Modbus driver: Add a Channel… Give the channel a name – we’ll stick with the default – “TCP_Channel_1”, click “Next”. Set the IP address of your device, in our example, the IP address of our H0-ECOM100 in the 06 PLC is… Continue reading TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink

New Product Announcement: MT8053iE 4.3″ HMI with Dual Ethernet & Built-in EasyAccess 2.0

Product Introduction: Ethernet is gradually becoming the standard interface for PLCs and controllers, the demand for data exchange with upper layer devices (SCADA) over the network and integration with cloud services is also increasing. To meet these demands, Weintek released models with dual Ethernet ports: MT8073iE(7”), MT8090XE(10”), and cMT Series, which all received positive customer feedback. To provide users with a wider choice of screen sizes, Weintek have launched a new 4.3″ dual-Ethernet HMI – MT8053iE. Adding new I/O ports into such small enclosure is always a challenge due to space constraints, however, Weintek pushed the boundaries to make it possible. Continue reading New Product Announcement: MT8053iE 4.3″ HMI with Dual Ethernet & Built-in EasyAccess 2.0

We’re exhibiting at the Factories of the Future Expo 4-5th April 2017

Running parallel to the Industry 4.0 Summit, the Factories of the Future EXPO will showcase the latest products and services for Industry 4.0, IIoT, smart factories and the future of manufacturing. The expo will be attended by manufacturing professionals from the UK & continental Europe  and will givethem an opportunity to see the latest advances/ new technologies in automation, robotics, software, sensors, virtual reality, augmented reality and other related areas. We will be showing products from Automation Direct & Weintek that can help you build your IIoT & Smart Factory. Come and see on stand S60. See event details here: Continue reading We’re exhibiting at the Factories of the Future Expo 4-5th April 2017

New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

In IIoT applications, data integration plays a very important role, to achieve data integration, it’s essential that communication between onsite machines and upper layer data management systems (SCADA, ERP…etc.) is seamless, however, in factories where very often each controller uses a different communication protocol, data integration is challenging. With more than 20 years of experience of HMI development, the Weintek R&D Team have released the IIoT Smart Communication Gateway: cMT-G01 as a solution for data transfer and integration in the IIoT. With in-built de-facto standard IIoT protocols, MQTT and OPC UA and the ability to process data just as a Continue reading New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

cMT Series HMI helps build your IIoT environment through OPC UA

In the era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), not only should the connectivity of equipment on the plant floor improve, upper layer management systems, such as SCADA, MES, ERP…etc, should be able to have immediate access to data produced by factory machines. Weintek provides the best solution for communication between onsite machines and upper layer management systems. This is achieved with the cMT Series Smart HMIs (cMT-SVR & cMT3151), using the most common M2M protocols: MQTT and OPC UA. In this architecture, the cMT Series HMI are not just for operating machines, collecting and managing data, but also become Continue reading cMT Series HMI helps build your IIoT environment through OPC UA

cMT Smart HMI + Smart Meter = Smart Solution

In today’s competitive global economy, soaring energy prices and environmental regulations have driven energy management and efficiency. Metering and monitoring of electricity demand and consumption is core to an energy management system for domestic, commercial and industrial plant. The combination of cMT3151 and a Smart Meter offers a great solution for an energy demand management system. The accuracy of demand calculation is ensured by two user defined parameters: “Demand Duration” and “Demand Update Frequency”. The acquired data can be used to monitor and manage demand. The 15” cMT3151 HMI gives clear meter data visualisation as well as clear trending enabling Continue reading cMT Smart HMI + Smart Meter = Smart Solution

Do-More Update for Automation Direct’s Point of View SCADA/HMI Software


point-of-view_300Launched late in 2013, Automation Direct’s Point of View software offers a powerful but easy-to-use software solution for developing and deploying SCADA/HMI solutions throughout industry. The software – available in 500, 1000 and 5000 tag versions – is available as runtime only, development only or combined runtime and development versions and has built-in communications drivers.

The software includes all you would expect from a modern SCADA/HMI package – alarms, recipes, flexible graphical animation, database support, historical data and trending, event logging, FTP, Emailing, scheduling, symbols library, security, scripting and scaleability. It also includes communications drivers for the most popular PLCs.

The most recent enhancement to the software is a dedicated driver for Automation Direct’s newer DoMore processors allowing direct import of the tag name database for the PLC. DoMore – initially released as a high performance CPU compatible with the existing Direct Logic 205 PLC modules – is now also available as a processor in the terminator field-based I/O system.

Take a closer look at Point of View or download the fully operational evaluation software which will run for 40 hours.

Infilink HMI Software from KEP


Infilink HMI Software from KEP

In October 2012 KEP launched the latest release of their cost-effective Infilink HMI package – version 5.0.27.

This latest version focuses on a number of ease-of-use enhancements to the development software. These include shortcuts for function keys, object movement, aligning objects, resizing objects, zooming and maintaining the aspect ratio for rectangles/squares or ellipses/circles..

The new release also includes stronger encryption of user details.

With Infilink, KEP continue to offer a powerful low-cost solution to PC-based HMI with no upfront (or ongoing) cost for development software or maintenance. With the free development software and the 60 minute demo mode, users are able to fully implement and test their application at no cost only paying for a runtime license when they wish to deploy the project to the live application. Infilink can be supplied to work with an existing OPC server or can be supplied with their own KEPServer product – available for a wide range of control devices and networks.

For applications running on the shop floor, Lamonde Automation are now also offering a range of powerful and cost effective flat panel industrial PCs from Nematron.

Download the latest version of Infilink now from our website.