TechTip: Weincloud Dashboard

In this TechTip we’ll be running through setting up a Dashboard with Weintek’s “Weincloud Dashboard“. The Dashboard is a simple condition monitoring interface supported on selected EasyAccess Enabled cMT X Series HMIs. Firstly, login to your Weintek Domain account via , and under “Dashboard”, click on “+ Create New Project” Next, enter your project details, and click “Create”. You can now enter the development dashboard. Exit the Dashboard editor and Click onto “Data Source” – this is where we’ll set up the data that we’ll be monitoring. Choose “History” if you want historical data to be saved. HMIs that Continue reading TechTip: Weincloud Dashboard

New Feature Annoucement: OPC UA Historical Data Access Feature for Weintek cMT Series HMI

NFC Weintek OPC UA Historical Data image

Access to historical data is an important aspect in any smart system upgrade and integration. From data/trend analysis, process optimization and failure prediction to pre-emptive maintenance, analytics rely on complete historical data being available before any meaningful action can be taken. OPC UA, which features platform independence, robust security and high scalability, has stood out as a prominent choice for a standardized IIoT communication protocol; and, given its importance in the field, Weintek continues to develop and add OPC UA related feature support. From EasyBuilder Pro v6.04.02 onwards, OPC UA Historical Data Access (HDA) feature has been added, allowing OPC Continue reading New Feature Annoucement: OPC UA Historical Data Access Feature for Weintek cMT Series HMI

Case study: Welland Medical Machine Data Capture

“We are very happy with the service from Lamonde and would recommend using this method of moving data. “ Welland Medical’s Story:We were looking for a method to move data from various production lines into our MySQL server. This would feed a front-end program and provide live OEE type data on large screens on the shop floor, but our machines have many different brands of PLCs fitted. We explored our options and received some quite expensive quotes. Duncan at Lamonde advised that we use Weintek’s cMT-SVR-100. We found this easy to use and can extract data from the majority of Continue reading Case study: Welland Medical Machine Data Capture