Nematron® Industrial PCs now Available from Lamonde Automation


Earlier this year, Lamonde Automation Ltd reached an agreement with US-based Nematron® to sell and support their industrial PCs in the UK market and to identify partners elsewhere in Europe.

Nematron® Industrial PCs

Nematron® offer a range of rugged industrial PCs – with or without integrated displays – and flat panel monitors. Their core product range is the iPC family of flat panel fully integrated industrial PCs which were introduced this year (2012). This family enhances the well-established ePC range and is based on their experience from shipping around 4,000 units in the last 5 years.

A major advantage has been gained by moving from rotating media hard drives to solid state drives as they became more economically viable. Nematron started shipping them as standard a little over a year ago and have found them exceptionally reliable with almost no failures found in more than 2,000 systems already shipped with solid state drives installed.

The flat panel PCs are all with colour TFT displays utilising LED backlights. They are available with 12.1″ SVGA (800×600), 15″ XGA (1024 x 768), 17″ SXGA (1280 x 1024) and 19″ SXGA (1280 x 1024) screen sizes and can all be supplied with or without a 5-wire analogue resistive touch screen. The base model includes an Intel® Celeron P4500 processor but the systems can also be supplied with Intel i5 520M or Intel i7 620M processors. SATA solid state drives from 40 GB to 300 GB are available and 2 GB DRAM is standard with 4 GB as an option. Units are normally supplied with an Operating System pre-installed – Microsoft Windows® 7 Professional (32 bit) is the default but this can be changed to Windows® XP Professional (32 bit) or Windows® 7 Ultimate (64 bit) if preferred. They can also be supplied with no Operating System.

As standard, the IP65 sealed front panel is powder-coated aluminium which can also be supplied without the Nematron logo for OEM applications. A machined stainless steel front panel is available as an alternative along with a 19″ rack mount powder-coated aluminium option on the 19″ models.

The range of Industrial PCs complement Lamonde’s diverse product portfolio for Industrial Automation, Process Control and Electrical Engineering. They provide a perfect match with other products from Lamonde including KEPs Infilink HMI software and KEPServer OPC server communications products plus with the range of industrial Ethertnet switches from Automation Direct.

FLOWLINE® Level Sensors now Available from Lamonde Automation


Automation Direct have announced the EchoPod® and EchoSonic® II ultrasonic liquid level sensors which can be used to provide input data for control systems such as PLCs. Several models can also be configured for local level control using their 4 relay contacts to switch local valves and/or pumps.

The EchoPod DX10 / DL10 series ultrasonic liquid level transmitters provide continuous non-contact liquid level measurement output up to 1.25m. With the free WebCal software, .users can select the voltage or current output for interface with analogue inputs on control systems or select the frequency output for interfacing with frequency-capable or counter input discrete input cards. These non-contact liquid level sensors are ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or dirty liquids, and are broadly selected for small tanks. They use an optimised narrow 2″ beam optimised for small tanks.

The EchoPod DL series multi-function ultrasonic liquid level sensors offer a 4-20mA signal output and 4 programmable relays for level switch or level control functions. With these the WebCal software can also be used to configure the operation of the relays allowing them to be used as embedded level controllers. These non-contact liquid level sensors are, again, ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or dirty liquids. Analogue output models in ranges up to 1.25m, 3m or 5.5m.

The EchoSonic II LU series ultrasonic liquid level transmitters offer a 4-20mA signal output and are also configured via the free WebCal software. These non-contact liquid level sensors are ideally suited for corrosive, ultrapure, sticky or dirty liquids, and are broadly selected for bulk storage, dry tank, lift station and process tank level sensor applications. Ranges up to 3m, 5.5m, 8m and 10m are available. These units also include auto adaptive filters optimising signal output filtering and identifying obstacles.