TechTip: Weincloud Dashboard

In this TechTip we’ll be running through setting up a Dashboard with Weintek’s “Weincloud Dashboard“. The Dashboard is a simple condition monitoring interface supported on selected EasyAccess Enabled cMT X Series HMIs. Firstly, login to your Weintek Domain account via , and under “Dashboard”, click on “+ Create New Project” Next, enter your project details, and click “Create”. You can now enter the development dashboard. Exit the Dashboard editor and Click onto “Data Source” – this is where we’ll set up the data that we’ll be monitoring. Choose “History” if you want historical data to be saved. HMIs that Continue reading TechTip: Weincloud Dashboard

New Feature Announcement: Multiple User Connection In Weintek’s EasyAccess 2.0

Weintek’s remote access solution, EasyAccess 2.0, has been an asset to many users, helping them monitor their remote devices and perform maintenance with ease from their offices and homes. As the global pandemic lingers and remote work becomes a regular routine for many, the demand for remote multi-party collaboration has increased as well. From Version 2.9, EasyAccess 2.0 will provide a multi-user connection feature that will permit up to 3 users to connect to an HMI at the same time. This new feature allows an engineer to immediately connect to remote devices and troubleshoot when an error occurs, without having Continue reading New Feature Announcement: Multiple User Connection In Weintek’s EasyAccess 2.0

TechTip: Weintek EasyAccess 2.0

This TechTip is about setting up EasyAccess 2.0. We’ll step through the stages to regisiter a Domain Account, how to add EasyAccess 2.0 to your HMI and how to use PassThrough to access your PLC or controller. Create a Domain account EasyAccess 2.0 requires a Domain account, the default administrator user is “admin”. Other users can be added to the Domain later, and can be managed through the EasyAccess web portal. To create a Domain account, click here: and click on “Create Domain Account”. Enter the details you want to use for your Domain After clicking “Register”, you’re taken Continue reading TechTip: Weintek EasyAccess 2.0