TechTip: Weincloud Dashboard

In this TechTip we’ll be running through setting up a Dashboard with Weintek’s “Weincloud Dashboard“. The Dashboard is a simple condition monitoring interface supported on selected EasyAccess Enabled cMT X Series HMIs.

Firstly, login to your Weintek Domain account via , and under “Dashboard”, click on “+ Create New Project”

Next, enter your project details, and click “Create”.

You can now enter the development dashboard.

Exit the Dashboard editor and Click onto “Data Source” – this is where we’ll set up the data that we’ll be monitoring. Choose “History” if you want historical data to be saved. HMIs that are within the domain and support Weincloud are shown in the left panel:

In your EasyBuilder Pro HMI Project, click on the “Weincloud” tab and then the “Dashboard” button, check “Enable”:

Click “Login” and Enter your Domain or Domain/Credentials

Enter the credentials you wish to use and click “Login”

Logged in:

In the address tab, you can set Status Words so you can monitor the connection status between your HMI & Weincloud Dashboard, and also add buffer usage and control words if required:

You can now highlight the required HMI and Click “Sync”:

Available tags from the Dashboard are pulled in:

Edit the Device/Device Address assigned to your Tag to suit your application. We’re using Local HMI LW-100 here:

Return to the Dashboard Editor and pick the required object, and assign a Tag to it:

Change object attributes as required, and then publish the dashboard:


Trend is very simple to set up – just assign your tag, set up any trend chart parameters you require… Important: Ensure the date, time and most importantly the HMI Time zone are correct or you will get errors with trend displays.

Please get in contact with us on +44 203 026 2670 or via [email protected] if you need any further information about Weintek HMIs or Weincloud Dashboard.