New Product Announcement: cMT-SVR-200 – cMT Server with WiFi

Product Introduction Over the past few years, Weintek have continuously invested in research and development, driving innovation with the cMT Series. As the series grows with even more capabilities it is gaining acceptance in IIoT applications which rely heavily on network communication support. Nonetheless, Weintek is aware that not all factories were built with network connectivity in mind. In many cases, establishing network and wiring can be an obstacle for system upgrades, this is especially true if the installation needs to be made on a moving platform. In such cases, WiFi can come to the rescue. In light of this, Continue reading New Product Announcement: cMT-SVR-200 – cMT Server with WiFi

HMI with WiFi Capability – MT-8103iE

Weintek have brought a great new innovation – the MT-8103iE, an HMI with built-in WiFi! As the 4th industrial revolution takes shape, a growing number of users require their HMIs to connect with ERP or other monitoring systems. Although Ethernet is the most widely used communication protocol between HMI and monitoring systems, not every factory has Ethernet wiring – in this case, Wi-Fi connectivity provides a great solution. Features 10.1″ 1024 x 600 TFT LCD with LED Backlight COM2 and COM3 RS-485 support MPI 187.5K (please use one at a time!) PCB coating process ensures high reliability to resist from Continue reading HMI with WiFi Capability – MT-8103iE

cMT Series HMI helps build your IIoT environment through OPC UA

In the era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), not only should the connectivity of equipment on the plant floor improve, upper layer management systems, such as SCADA, MES, ERP…etc, should be able to have immediate access to data produced by factory machines. Weintek provides the best solution for communication between onsite machines and upper layer management systems. This is achieved with the cMT Series Smart HMIs (cMT-SVR & cMT3151), using the most common M2M protocols: MQTT and OPC UA. In this architecture, the cMT Series HMI are not just for operating machines, collecting and managing data, but also become Continue reading cMT Series HMI helps build your IIoT environment through OPC UA