TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink

New in Inflink V5.00.45 is a built-in Modbus driver, making Infilink a smart choice for SCADA, enabling many projects to be delivered without the need for expensive OPC servers. This TechTip is a run through to get you started. We’re using a Koyo DirectLogic 06 PLC fitted with an H0-ECOM100 Ethernet module as our Modbus device. Launch the Modbus driver: Add a Channel… Give the channel a name – we’ll stick with the default – “TCP_Channel_1”, click “Next”. Set the IP address of your device, in our example, the IP address of our H0-ECOM100 in the 06 PLC is… Continue reading TechTip: Using Modbus driver in Infilink

Infilink HMI Software from KEP


Infilink HMI Software from KEP

In October 2012 KEP launched the latest release of their cost-effective Infilink HMI package – version 5.0.27.

This latest version focuses on a number of ease-of-use enhancements to the development software. These include shortcuts for function keys, object movement, aligning objects, resizing objects, zooming and maintaining the aspect ratio for rectangles/squares or ellipses/circles..

The new release also includes stronger encryption of user details.

With Infilink, KEP continue to offer a powerful low-cost solution to PC-based HMI with no upfront (or ongoing) cost for development software or maintenance. With the free development software and the 60 minute demo mode, users are able to fully implement and test their application at no cost only paying for a runtime license when they wish to deploy the project to the live application. Infilink can be supplied to work with an existing OPC server or can be supplied with their own KEPServer product – available for a wide range of control devices and networks.

For applications running on the shop floor, Lamonde Automation are now also offering a range of powerful and cost effective flat panel industrial PCs from Nematron.

Download the latest version of Infilink now from our website.