Lamonde Automation Announces New Partnership With Teltonika Networks

We’re excited to announce a new distribution partnership between Lamonde Automation Limited and Teltonika Networks UAB, a leading manufacturer of industrial IoT hardware products. The addition of the Teltonika product line complements the extensive portfolio of PLCs, HMIs and other associated products Lamonde already offers. Founded in 1998 and based in Lithuania, Teltonika is a well-established company in the field of IoT and telecommunications. Their reputation for reliable, easy to use products means their range aligns firmly with the other products in the Lamonde family. As Lamonde’s customers have come to expect, we hold good stock levels of Teltonika products Continue reading Lamonde Automation Announces New Partnership With Teltonika Networks

New Product Annoucement: Weintek cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller

Product Introduction As the Industrial 4.0 revolution gathers pace, users are eagerly searching for ways to retrofit legacy factory installations with smart capabilities. To help with this, Weintek have integrated their CODESYS and IIoT Gateway into a single product, the cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller. This new model with built-in CODESYS, in addition to working with all iR modules also features IIoT Gateway protocol translation and the EasyAccess remote access service, making it a great fit for new smart automation systems or as an upgrade path for existing systems. Features: CODESYS-Based High-Performance PLC SystemIn compliance with IEC 61131-3 Programmable Continue reading New Product Annoucement: Weintek cMT-CTRL01 – IIoT Programmable Logic Controller

We’re exhibiting at the Factories of The Future Exhibition

We’re Exhibiting at the Factories of The Future Exhibition in Manchester Feb 28-March 2nd 2018.  The exhibition is running alongside the Industry 4.0 Summit – we’re on Stand Q15 – you can register here for free to attend – come along and discuss how we can help you to quickly develop & build your IIoT & implement with new and existing machines.

7″ cMT Series HMI – cMT3072 – Launching 1st December 2017

The latest addition to the Weintek HMI range is the 7″ cMT3072. Built on the proven Weintek cMT architecture, the cMT3072 brings the rich features of the CloudHMI cMT architecture to the 7″ HMI market. The panel cut-out is the same as the existing Weintek 7″ HMI but the resolution is improved from 800 x 480 to 1024 x 600 on the cMT3072. The screen itself is IPS rather than the existing TFT offering superior clarity and wider viewing angles. With the built-in EasyAccess 2.0 licence, remote access to the HMI and PassThrough to PLCs and controllers is a breeze and dual ethernet Continue reading 7″ cMT Series HMI – cMT3072 – Launching 1st December 2017

New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

In IIoT applications, data integration plays a very important role, to achieve data integration, it’s essential that communication between onsite machines and upper layer data management systems (SCADA, ERP…etc.) is seamless, however, in factories where very often each controller uses a different communication protocol, data integration is challenging. With more than 20 years of experience of HMI development, the Weintek R&D Team have released the IIoT Smart Communication Gateway: cMT-G01 as a solution for data transfer and integration in the IIoT. With in-built de-facto standard IIoT protocols, MQTT and OPC UA and the ability to process data just as a Continue reading New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

MQTT/IoT Capability for Weintek XE Series

Introduced in V5.03.01 onwards of EasyBuilder Pro is an MQTT object for the XE Series HMI. MQTT is a lightweight machine to machine (M2M) “Internet of Things” (IoT) protocol & stands for “MQ Telemetry Transport”,  it’s a publish/subscribe, simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. Users “subscribe” to their chosen “Topics” with an MQTT client. A topic is a UTF-8 string used by the broker to filter messages for each connected client. Topics consists of one or more topic levels. Each topic level is separated by a forward slash (topic level separator). Different users can Continue reading MQTT/IoT Capability for Weintek XE Series