New Feature Annoucement: OPC UA Historical Data Access Feature for Weintek cMT Series HMI

NFC Weintek OPC UA Historical Data image

Access to historical data is an important aspect in any smart system upgrade and integration. From data/trend analysis, process optimization and failure prediction to pre-emptive maintenance, analytics rely on complete historical data being available before any meaningful action can be taken. OPC UA, which features platform independence, robust security and high scalability, has stood out as a prominent choice for a standardized IIoT communication protocol; and, given its importance in the field, Weintek continues to develop and add OPC UA related feature support. From EasyBuilder Pro v6.04.02 onwards, OPC UA Historical Data Access (HDA) feature has been added, allowing OPC Continue reading New Feature Annoucement: OPC UA Historical Data Access Feature for Weintek cMT Series HMI

Case Study: Increased Productivity in Medical Manufacturing

Direct Automation Case Study

Alex Strokosch of Direct Automation Systems, uses Weintek HMIs with Teknokol enclosures and Productivity PLCs in application for a medical manufacturer. The Teknokol system offers a solution that looks great, works, and has a really great price to performance ratio Alex, tell us a bit about yourself… I’m located in East Kilbride, just south of Glasgow.   I started my career as industrial electrician before moving to Scotland in the early 1980s after a stint in the Merchant Navy, and I’ve worked in electrical engineering for 41 years.  I had my own business from 1992 to 2001, then I worked for Continue reading Case Study: Increased Productivity in Medical Manufacturing

New Product Announcement: EA9-RHMI Headless HMI from Automation Direct

C-more EA9-RHMI Headless HMI

New from C-more®, the EA9 series remote (headless) HMI unit provides all the functionality of an EA9 touch panel without the extra cost of a touchscreen interface. Intended for the user who doesn’t require a built-in HMI display, needs a larger display, or would prefer to use the C-more mobile app, the headless unit supports an HD1280x720 pixel screen resolution with an HDMI output that supplies both video and audio out. USB port A can be used to connect various USB devices to the panel such as a touchscreen, mouse, keyboard, flash drive or barcode scanner. The remote HMI is Continue reading New Product Announcement: EA9-RHMI Headless HMI from Automation Direct

We’re still open!

Once again, we’d like to reassure our valued customers and suppliers that, as during previous restrictions, we remain open for business. Orders can be placed by phone or email, or via our website, and all items are despatched by courier. We hold good stock levels of our most popular products and we do not anticipate disruption to our supply chain for non-stocked items. Of course, our premises will remain COVID-Secure and we will continue with the steps we have already been taking to ensure our staff and customers remain safe; accordingly, this means we will not be able to welcome Continue reading We’re still open!

TechTip: How to program Weintek HMI via Ethernet

This guide will show you how to connect a Weintek HMI to a PC via ethernet; to do this, we’ll be making sure that both screen and PC/laptop network adaptor are on the same subnet as each other.  Note: The illustrations in this Guide are based on an iE Series HMI. Other Series HMIs may appear a little different. For HMIs with dual ethernet, the IP addresses of the ports MUST be on different subnets.  Weintek System Settings1. On the Weintek HMI, tap the black arrow bottom right  2. To check if there is an IP address already set on the HMI, tap the Information button to show the settings for the device. In this case, we Continue reading TechTip: How to program Weintek HMI via Ethernet

C-More Programming Software is now free!

Automation Direct’s EA9 C-more HMI programming and configuration software is now a free download! C-more HMI touch panels provide a graphical interface designed to interchange and display graphics, animation and data to and from a PLC by merely touching the screen. You can virtually replace every pushbutton, switch, meter, and other peripheral device with one C-more touch panel. C-more touch screen panels are available in 6″, 7″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ colour TFT display versions. A headless HMI (no-screen) model is also available for larger or user-defined display options. The C-more HMI configuration software provides a powerful set of Continue reading C-More Programming Software is now free!

New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT X Series

Product Introduction HMIs now often have a wide variety of capabilities, such as data display, machine control, data storage, PLC communication, protocol translation, graphic display, alarm notification, media playback, and IIoT integration. For an advanced HMI, these capabilities are now perceived as basic requirements, however, they can place a heavy burden on the HMIs CPU. Operators are used to operating high-speed consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets and expect a similar user experience and operation speed when working with HMI. For these reasons, Weintek has released the cMT X Series HMI: cMT3092X / cMT3152X / cMT3162X. The cMT X Continue reading New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT X Series

TechTip: Calculating The Difference Between Two Values Using a Macro In a Weintek HMI

This TechTip is about using a macro for a simple calculation to determine the difference between 2 values. To calculate the difference between 2 values, first we use the “>=” operator to determine if value1 is greater than or equal to value2, if this is the case, our result is calculated value1 – value2. If value2 is greater than value1 then our result calculation is value2 – value1. The macro is shown below: As usual there’s a demo project available for you to try out using EasyBuilder Pro’s excellent simulator. Download the demo here.

TechTip: Using the Shape Library with Weintek HMI

A frequently asked question we receive is “How do I create a multi-state lamp – for example to use with a Word Lamp?” This TechTip will hopefully make the process of creating a multi-state shape object clearer. Start a blank EasyBuilder Pro Project and locate the rectangle shape tool… Set properties for our shape outline… (note that “Filled” is un-ticked at the moment). Draw the outline frame on the design window… Copy and past the outline frame and make a solid filled shape by ticking “Filled” and setting appropriate colours… Select the Outline frame… Click on “Shape”… … which will Continue reading TechTip: Using the Shape Library with Weintek HMI

We’re Exhibiting at Robotics and Automation 2019 – Ricoh Arena, Coventry 29/30 October 2019

We’re exhibiting at Robotics and Automation 2019 being held at the Ricoh Arena 29th & 30th October 2019. Come and see us on stand 622. Be sure to register at . Look forward to seeing you there.