TechTip: How to program Weintek HMI via Ethernet

This guide will show you how to connect a Weintek HMI to a PC via ethernet; to do this, we’ll be making sure that both screen and PC/laptop network adaptor are on the same subnet as each other.  Note: The illustrations in this Guide are based on an iE Series HMI. Other Series HMIs may appear a little different. For HMIs with dual ethernet, the IP addresses of the ports MUST be on different subnets.  Weintek System Settings1. On the Weintek HMI, tap the black arrow bottom right  2. To check if there is an IP address already set on the HMI, tap the Information button to show the settings for the device. In this case, we Continue reading TechTip: How to program Weintek HMI via Ethernet

New Product Announcement: New CPU, PSUs and Analogue i/o for the Productivity1000

We’re pleased to announce that the excellent Productivity1000 range has been expanded with the addition of a new CPU (P1-550) two new power supply modules (P1-01DC & P1-02AC), five new analogue modules, (P1-04AD, P1-08ADL-1, P1-08ADL-2, P1-08DAL-1 & P1-08DAL-2), and two new speciality modules – High Speed Counter & Pulse-Width Modulation (P1-02HSC & P1-04PWM). Productivity1000 I/O modules are auto-discovered and easily added or removed. QR (Quick Response) codes are printed on each module linking to latest specs and wiring. New CPUThe new P1-550 CPU boasts up to 50 MB ladder memory, microSD card slot, 2 Ethernet 10/100Base-T ports (vs 1 on Continue reading New Product Announcement: New CPU, PSUs and Analogue i/o for the Productivity1000

New Product Announcement: MT8053iE 4.3″ HMI with Dual Ethernet & Built-in EasyAccess 2.0

Product Introduction: Ethernet is gradually becoming the standard interface for PLCs and controllers, the demand for data exchange with upper layer devices (SCADA) over the network and integration with cloud services is also increasing. To meet these demands, Weintek released models with dual Ethernet ports: MT8073iE(7”), MT8090XE(10”), and cMT Series, which all received positive customer feedback. To provide users with a wider choice of screen sizes, Weintek have launched a new 4.3″ dual-Ethernet HMI – MT8053iE. Adding new I/O ports into such small enclosure is always a challenge due to space constraints, however, Weintek pushed the boundaries to make it possible. Continue reading New Product Announcement: MT8053iE 4.3″ HMI with Dual Ethernet & Built-in EasyAccess 2.0

New product announcement – cMT-g02 IIoT Gateway

Integrating miscellaneous factory automation equipment is rarely an easy task since often each machine uses a different controller. When integrating with other IT systems, the variety of protocols often presents a challenge. In 1995, the OPC standard was released to address this issue, in 2006, OPC UA (Unified Architecture) made it possible to get the same information from machines regardless of operating system. The cMT-G02 communication gateway is not only equipped with an Ethernet port, but also supports WiFi which enables connectivity where conventional network wiring provision is not practical. With built-in de-facto IIoT protocols, MQTT & OPC UA, the Continue reading New product announcement – cMT-g02 IIoT Gateway

More Productivity2000 PLC Discrete I/O Modules Added

The AutomationDirect Productivity2000 PLC system now has 50 discrete and analog I/O modules providing over 400 local I/O points. Using remote expansion, over 4,000 total I/O points are possible! New DC discrete I/O modules include 8-, 16- and 32-point, 12-24 VDC, sink/source modules with additional isolated commons. Two for the 8- and 16-point modules and four isolated commons for the 32-point module. The Productivity2000 is a modular, rack-based system with a full lineup of discrete, analog and specialty I/O modules. The high-performance CPU has 50Mb memory, fast scan times and five communication ports. Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports allow programming, Continue reading More Productivity2000 PLC Discrete I/O Modules Added

New! – CLICK Ethernet PLC Units with Built-in Analog I/O

New! – CLICK Ethernet PLC Units with Built-in Analog I/O The popular CLICK Series stackable micro brick PLCs are now available with both Ethernet communications capabilities and analog I/O built-in. 12 new units have been added to the range providing both discrete and analog I/O including four discrete inputs, four discrete outputs, two or four analog inputs and two analog outputs. The CLICK Ethernet/Analog PLC units are available with a variety of current and voltage (0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC) inputs and outputs, and with 24 VDC or 120 VAC discrete inputs and DC or relay outputs. The new CLICK Analog Continue reading New! – CLICK Ethernet PLC Units with Built-in Analog I/O

Announcing the Productivity 1000!

The new Productivity1000 stackable micro PLC is the super compact yet highly capable member of AutomationDirect’s Productivity controller family. The P1000 is packed withmany of the features of the Productivity series but housed in a smaller, slimmer design to provide space, budget and time savings. The P1-540 CPU has a 50Mb memory and features four onboard communications ports including micro USB, serial RS-485, serial RS-232 and Ethernet 10/100Mbps connections. Supported communications protocols include EtherNet/IP®, Modbus RTU/TCP and ASCII. The micro USB 2.0 (type B) port provides a plug-and-play connection for programming, online monitoring and firmware upgrades. The 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Continue reading Announcing the Productivity 1000!

New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

In IIoT applications, data integration plays a very important role, to achieve data integration, it’s essential that communication between onsite machines and upper layer data management systems (SCADA, ERP…etc.) is seamless, however, in factories where very often each controller uses a different communication protocol, data integration is challenging. With more than 20 years of experience of HMI development, the Weintek R&D Team have released the IIoT Smart Communication Gateway: cMT-G01 as a solution for data transfer and integration in the IIoT. With in-built de-facto standard IIoT protocols, MQTT and OPC UA and the ability to process data just as a Continue reading New Product Announcement : cMT-G01

New Weintek Driver Announcement – Koyo CLICK Ethernet

We’re delighted to announce that Weintek have developed a driver for the Ethernet CLICK® PLC models. Versions of EasyBuilder Pro greater than V5.03.01.046 have the new driver. Latest version of EasyBulder Pro is available for download here. Addresses: Bit memory addresses: X, Y, C, T, CT, SC Word memory addresses: DS, DD, DH, DF, XD, YD, TD, CTD, SD, TXT