TechTip: Recipes On Weintek HMI

This tech tip is about the recipe function on Weintek HMI, a frequently asked question. As usual, we’ll work through the steps for a basic example to get you started. As with most of our TechTips, this can be achieved without any hardware, making use of the excellent simulator feature in EasyBuilder Pro. A recipe, is a set of parameters that is used to produce a product or run a particular process. These could be times, temperatures, operation counts, volume or weight of material etc. The example program is for a bread making process. The parameters for our bread recipe Continue reading TechTip: Recipes On Weintek HMI

TechTip: Sending Alarm Emails from a Weintek HMI

This TechTip is about sending alarms from a Weintek HMI. The example is using Gmail – but you can use your own preferred email provider of course. In Gmail, you will need to enable “Allow less secure apps”. this can be found here: when logged into your Gmail account. This is because a Weintek HMI is not a device recognised by Google (such as a PC, iPad, IOS or Android device). In  EasyBuilder Pro system parameters, we need to tick the enable email box. and enter the account credentials. They are as shown below (for Gmail – other email providers may differ). You also Continue reading TechTip: Sending Alarm Emails from a Weintek HMI

TechTip: For-Next Loop in Weintek HMI Macro

In this TechTip, we’ll be looking at For-Next loops in the Weintek HMI macro language. It will be assumed that you’ve already got some basic knowledge of Weintek macros. As in other macro TechTips we’ll start off by declaring some variables: macro_command main() // Declare variables bool Lamp // Lamp is a bit (bool) short i // i is the loop variable short millisecs // the time for delay in mS short loop //number of loops set using LW1 We’ll use GetData to get the values for DELAY from LW0 and for the number of loops from LW1 (we could Continue reading TechTip: For-Next Loop in Weintek HMI Macro