Productivity2000 – A Powerful Addition to Automation Direct’s Programmable Controllers

Productivity2000 is the new addition to Automation Direct’s Productivity range of Industrial Controllers. This modular, rack-based system has a powerful CPU with fast scan times incorporating 50 MB of memory and five communications ports. It also has a wide range Continue reading Productivity2000 – A Powerful Addition to Automation Direct’s Programmable Controllers

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Do-More Update for Automation Direct’s Point of View SCADA/HMI Software


point-of-view_300Launched late in 2013, Automation Direct’s Point of View software offers a powerful but easy-to-use software solution for developing and deploying SCADA/HMI solutions throughout industry. The software – available in 500, 1000 and 5000 tag versions – is available as runtime only, development only or combined runtime and development versions and has built-in communications drivers.

The software includes all you would expect from a modern SCADA/HMI package – alarms, recipes, flexible graphical animation, database support, historical data and trending, event logging, FTP, Emailing, scheduling, symbols library, security, scripting and scaleability. It also includes communications drivers for the most popular PLCs.

The most recent enhancement to the software is a dedicated driver for Automation Direct’s newer DoMore processors allowing direct import of the tag name database for the PLC. DoMore – initially released as a high performance CPU compatible with the existing Direct Logic 205 PLC modules – is now also available as a processor in the terminator field-based I/O system.

Take a closer look at Point of View or download the fully operational evaluation software which will run for 40 hours.

Control Technology add IEC61131 Programming Capability to 2500 Series® PLCs


2500P-APC1Control Technology’s 2500 Series® PLCs now offer much more than replacements for the Siemens® Simatic® TI505 systems. Control Technology (CTI) have announced the release of their latest addition to the 2500® family – the new 2500-ACP1 Application Co-Processor module. The Co-Processor is designed to work in parallel with the existing Ladder Logic CPU but accesses the systems memory and I/O – usually via an ethernet connection to the main CPU. The high speed module is programmed using CTIs IEC-61131 Workbench software and can be used to offload tasks such as complex mathematical computations, string handling and real-time data logging as well as offering an alternative programming choice for Boolean logic, timing, counting and PID loops.

The module incorporates two 10/100Mb Ethernet ports connected to an internal switch. There is also a serial port supporting RS232 or RS422 communications. Supported protocols include

  • “CAMP” for reading and writing to CTI 2500 Series® PLCs or Simatic 505® PLCs equipped with a CTI Ethernet module
  • Modbus TCP master or slave
  • Network data exchange for sharing data between CTI 2500 Series® processors using 2500P-ECC1 Ethernet Co-Processor modules and 2500P-ACP1 Co-Processor modules
  • Modbus RTU master or slave serial communications
  • General ASCII send/receive to communicate serially with devices using proprietary protocols.

The Workbench software supports any of the 5 IEC61131 languages:

  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

The module also incorporates an SD memory card used for storing the module’s configuration, the executable program, the program source files and user data files allowing the complete configuration to be moved to another module simply by swapping the SD card. The SD card can also be used for logging real-time data with time stamping which can be accessed remotely using FTP. Contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Ethernet/IP Scanner/Adapter Protocol now Standard on Productivity 3000 P3-550 CPU


P3-EthernetIP_175Automation Direct have enhanced the P3-550 CPU for the Productivity 3000 Programmable Automation Controller by adding the ODVA’s Ethernet/IP as a standard protocol.

Using the embedded Ethernet port on the CPU it is now possible to support Ethernet/IP in “Scanner” mode, “Adapter” mode or both modes simultaneously thus boosting the options for interoperability with other modules and systems. Communications can be with Explicit messaging or implicit “I/O” messaging.

In “Scanner” mode, the P3-550 CPU supports up to 128 connections with a maximum of 32 devices on each.

Set-up is simple – it just requires using the “fill-in-the-blanks” style configuration from the Productivity Pro programming software. Within the configuration there are a series of diagnostics tags to aid debugging of the system.

Anybody using an older CPU can upgrade the firmware to add this feature and then simply requires the latest Productivity Pro software to implement the configuration.

Weintek Continue to Broaden the Options for Industrial HMIs





Weintek, the specialist manufacturer of Industrial Human-Machine Interface (HMI) products, continue to update their core HMI panels with the latest technology whilst adding innovative new solutions.

Having updated their 4.3″, 7″ and 10″ cost-effective HMI panels with faster processors and a slimmer design (whilst also reducing the costs) by introducing the iE models during 2013, they have continued this update of the key products by adding the MT-8121XE and MT-8150XE. These two new models (12.1″ ands 15″ respectively) are, again, upgraded with faster processors and built with a more rugged design.

Weintek, however, continue to innovate by offering alternative approaches to offering HMIs for automation and control. Late last year we announced the mTV100. This module provides all the functionality of the range of HMI panels and is programmed with the free EasyBuilder Pro development software but, instead of incorporating a display, provides an HDMI output that can be connected to any compatible TV/Monitor of your choice. This, of course, allows the use of displays much larger than the maximum 15″ offered as a panel mount device.

Their more recent introduction was the Cloud HMI. Central to the Cloud HMI is the cMT-SVR data server – a dual 1GB Ethernet module that provides the core HMI functionality and communicates with the PLC(s). The human interaction to this module can be achieved in one of two ways. The first of these is wireless access using an iPad running the Weintek HMI app accessing the project stored in the cMT-SVR. Each data server can be accessed by 3 iPads simultaneously and a single iPad can connect to and operate up to 253 data servers. The second option is to use the cMT-iV5 – a 9.7″ colour TFT panel mount display module. The display connects to the data server using 1 GB Ethernet. Since the display uses a capacitive touch screen it also supports operation using gestures in the same manner as the iPad. The data server can support iPad and cMT-iV5 connection simultaneously. Programs for the cMT-SVR are, again, developed with Easy Builder Pro.

The most recent addition returns to the more traditional integrated panel mount HMI but  offering a rear mount solution (rather than installing the display into a panel cutout from the front). The MT-8070iER is well suited to OEM applications requiring customisation of the appearance. Click here for detailed product information and current pricing.