New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT3108XH Wide Viewing Angle HMI

Tailored for IIoT scenarios, Weintek’s cMT X Smart HMI have provided reliable smart monitoring, system integration, and cloud solutions for many. To widen their cMT X smart range of HMI, Weintek introduce the new cMT3108XH, a 10.1”cMT X Advanced HMI to complement the cMT3102X.

cMT3108XH incorporates a brand new thin-bezel design that not only makes room for more screen space but also enhances its overall aesthetics, whilst the high resolution, 1280 x 800 LCD with wide viewing angle (WVA, 89° all-around) aids in delivering a superb viewing experience


Being an Advanced cMT X Series HMI, cMT3108XH’s hardware and software features are top-grade. Its quad-core CPU, 4GB Flash and 1GB RAM allow it to tackle the most demanding multitasking challenges. cMT3108XH hosts a full suite of connectivity options, including dual Ethernet ports, WiFi expansion with M02, and all the serial port options (RS232 2W/4W, RS485 2W/4W, SIEMENS MPI, CAN Bus), making it an easy fit for many of applications.

For software, a multitude of enhanced features are available and lay the foundation of Weintek’s signature solutions:

As manufacturing continues to transition from traditional automation to smart manufacturing, the demands for high-performance HMIs is bound to increase, cMT3108XH, with its advanced features and capabilities, will be your perfect companion for your smart manufacturing journey.

Call our sales team on +442030262670, email [email protected] or buy online here. (stock expected in August 2022)