New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT-SVRX

New Product Annoucement- Weintek cMT-SVRX

Weintek’s cMT-SVR made an impression from its launch with its screen-less design, server-based operation and the innovative underlying architecture. Over the years, it has become a popular HMI choice. Weintek continue devote their talent and resources to research and development and in order to meet the latest industry demands, Weintek introduce the next generation HMI, cMT-SVRX. This latest addition to their range boasts major upgrades from its predecessor, both in hardware and software, to satisfy the needs of the present and the future.

The Flexible cMT X Architecture
The cMT X architecture is as flexible as it gets. Whilst cMT-SVRX does not have a screen, it can be monitored using the cMT Viewer app on either a PC, a tablet or a mobile phone. In addition, multi-HMI monitoring and multi-user monitoring are easily achieved under the flexible cMT X architecture.

The Upgrades
cMT-SVRX features more than a few noticeable upgrades compared to the existing cMT-SVR models:

Web Monitoring

In addition to cMT Viewer, WebView makes it possible to monitor the device on a web browser.

EasyWeb 2.0

Data logs, event logs, and operation logs may be viewed anytime on the webpage of EasyWeb 2.0.

Cloud Monitoring

Dashboard provides real-time site data over the cloud, while EasyAccess 2.0 makes remote access an easy task.

IIoT Integration

Built-in OPC UA Server, MQTT protocol, and Database Server Connection facilitate system integration and send onsite data to hosts.

Feature Customization

JavaScript Object allows feature customizations and connection to API to enable applications in a wider variety of fields.

Two in One

With CODESYS support, HMI can also serve as a controller to address both monitoring and control needs

The palm-sized cMT-SVRX is quite a performer with large storage capacity, featuring powerhouse quad-core CPU and 4GB Flash, and being accompanied by a full suite of connectivity options, including dual Ethernet ports, RS232, RS485 2W/4W serial ports, and USB /Micro SD ports. In terms of protective design, PCB coating and power isolation design ensure that cMT-SVRX is reliable, even in the harshest industrial environments.

With the advanced features and capabilities of cMT-SVRX, be assured that your HMI needs, whether remote monitoring, IIoT, communication, system integration or data processing, will be well covered!

cMT-SVRX Spec Highlights

Weintek cMT-SVRX specifications

You can order the cMT-SVRX-820 here, or the cMT-SVRX-822 with built-in EasyAccess 2.0 here, alternatively, get in contact by phone on +442030262670 or by email to [email protected]. Stock expected Early August 2022.