End of Life Announcement: Weintek eMT3070B

Having been on the market for many years, the specification and features of Weintek’s eMT Series have been become less able to meet the latest demands, their technology is outdated by today’s standards, and more importantly, certain critical components are no longer available, hence the reason for this end of life announcement. The cMT X Series, with identical cutout dimensions, provides not only much higher performance and more features but also better value for money and is therefore, a viable replacement and upgrade for the end of life 7″ eMT3070B model.

Specification comparison between the E.O.L model and the recommended replacement model:

We’ll officially announce the replacement model as soon as it is available for order and purchase. As always, we are ready to answer your questions and guide you with product selection by phone on +44 20 3026 2670, or by email: [email protected] .