New Feature Announcement: Condition Object for Weintek cMT and cMT X Series HMI

New feature in EasyBuilder Pro - Condition object.

With Industry 4.0, energy monitoring and building management systems, we are seeing HMIs being used in wider applications. From data collection and analysis to system monitoring, increasingly complex applications are calling for more logical operations which often lead to a lot more coding in project development and maintenance.

A new feature in EasyBuilder Pro, Condition Object provides a graphical user interface for creating condition statements. It may be used in place of macro codes that deal with logical operations, and with less code to write, a smart HMI project can be completed much faster and in a more efficient manner.

Feature Highlights
1. Intuitive UI
The graphical UI facilitates not only the configuration of conditions with multiple operands but also the understanding of the setting results.

2. Flexibility
When used with Action Trigger, actions such as Set Bit, Backup, Data Transfer, etc., can be performed when the specified conditions are met. There are even tasks that cannot be accomplished by macros, such as FTP transfer and JS code execution.

3. Easy Maintenance
Condition Object is easy to use even for EasyBuilder Pro beginners as it eliminates the need for building complex macro codes. For collaboration work, having less codes makes project maintenance much easier as there will be no need to study and understand macros written by others.

Eligible models:
cMT X Series: Standard and Advanced models
Gateway Series
cMT Series

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.06.02 or later.