New Product Announcement: Teltonika BAT120 – Uninterruptible Power Supply

New from Teltonika – BAT120 Uninterruptable Power Supply for Teltonika routers. The BAT120 allows power to be maintained to compatible routers during a power outage – a boon for installations in remote locations with less reliable power networks, compatible with RUT2xx, RUT95x, RUT3xx, RUTXxx, TRB14x, TRB2xx, TSW110, and TCR100 devices, the BAT120 covers all commonly used Teltonika LTE devices.

Key Features

  • Can provide stable power to compatible devices for up to 6 hours (RUT240).
  • Delivers a signal to a compatible Teltonika Networks device that the main power supply has been lost, allowing it to send out a custom alert – see details here.
  • Can be DIN rail mounted for easy installation in server rooms and control cabinets.

Further information can be found on our website here.