New Product Annoucement: Weintek cMT1106 Basic cMT X Series HMI With WiFi Option

New product announcement, Weintek cMT1106X Basic HMI

With Standard and Advanced cMT X Series HMI models earning respect and trust from customers for their outstanding performance and stability, Weintek is now introducing a new cMT X Basic model, cMT1106X. cMT1106X is competitively priced and is designed for those requiring a single Ethernet port HMI model satisfying general requirements for industrial automation.

High Performance, Large Storage, and Powerful Connectivity

cMT1106X, compared to iP/iE Series HMI models, excels in terms of performance, storage capacity, and connectivity. Its quad-core high-performance CPU allows it to overcome the most difficult multitasking challenges. With built-in 4GB Flash memory to allow support for up to 16 times more storage space for historical data and projects, this new cMT X Series model are a smart choice. In addition, it comes with a full suite of connectivity options: Ethernet, RS232, RS485 2W, RS485 4W, and the option of adding an M02 WiFi option module, if required.

Basic, But Better

cMT1106X’s design, was developed with safety and protection in mind, with the design including industrial grade power isolation, PCB coating and NEMA4/IP66 compliant front panel. Additionally,, cMT1106X supports “Weincloud”, Weintek’s cloud service which helps users to quickly build a remote, reliable condition monitoring system. Furthermore, numerous practical feature inclusions such as: EasyWeb 2.0 (configuration over the web), FTP file transfer, PDF Reader and Ethernet printer, cMT1106X help deliver an enhanced user experience, setting a high bar for a basic HMI.

Seamless Upgrade with Minimal Effort

Those upgrading from 10”, iE/iP Series HMI to cMT1106X should find the transition seamless. Firstly, cMT1106X uses the same panel cutout dimensions. In terms of project migration, converting an existing project is as simple as opening it, so there is no need for project redesign, saving time and resources. There are a few features that cannot be automatically converted, however, update reports and modification guidelines are provided so that upgrade process can proceed with minimal effort.

Weintek strives to make system integration work easier by providing feature-rich, user-friendly, and high-performance HMI products, and we design them from the customer’s perspective. While the latest addition, cMT1106X is categorized as a basic HMI, it contains more than enough software and hardware capabilities that should meet the essential needs for industrial automation.

*For those requiring integration with SQL database / IIoT and other advanced features, please consider standard or advanced cMT X models. 

New product announcement, Weintek cMT1106X Basic HMI Specifications

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