New Product Announcement: P1-RX Remote I/O Module for the Productivity 1000 Series

P1-RX Productivity 1000 Remote i/o module for use with Productivity P1-550 and P2-550 CPUs

The Productivity1000 remote I/O module, P1-RX, provides a low-cost remote I/O solution for both the P1-550 and P2-550 controllers.

Up to 4 P1-RX remote modules can be used with the P1-550, and up to 8 can be used with the P2-550. That adds an additional 512 I/O points to the P1000 system, which did not offer remote expansion before, and an additional 1024 for the P2000 at a much lower cost than the existing P2-RS expansion module.

Productivity Suite Hardware Configuration

All P1-RX modules and connected I/O are auto-discovered in the Productivity Suite programming software with pre-assigned tags for each I/O point that can be used right away in the ladder code or modified as needed.  

How to Order:
You can order P1-RX online here, call our sales team on +44 20 3026 2670 or email on [email protected] .