New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT X Series Standard Model HMIs – cMT2078X/cMT2108X/cMT2158X

New Product Announcement - Weintek cMT X Series Standard Model Line up

We’re excited to announce the release by Weintek of three cMT X Series Standard HMIs: cMT2078X, cMT2108X, and cMT2158X.

Equipped with a quad-core high-performance CPU, cMT X Series HMIs can tackle the most difficult computational challenges, meeting customer expectations for fast, smooth operation. The three new standard models are available in the most popular sizes: 7″, 10″, and 15″; the cMT X Series is the best choice for your new and upgrade projects alike.

Painless Transition
Those upgrading to the cMT X Series will find the transition is quick and easy; the cMT2078X, cMT2108X, and cMT2158X use the same panel cut-out dimensions as previous models meaning that panel modification will not be required. In terms of software, migrating an existing project is as simple as opening it, so there is no need for project redesign, saving both time and effort. There are of course certain features that cannot directly be migrated – update reports and modification guidelines are provided to help ensure that nothing is missed.

Noticeable Upgrades
By choosing the cMT X Series, you can take advantage of all the great new features to help increase your productivity and deliver a great user experience. Each feature enhancement alone should be a good reason to adopt cMT X Series.

  • Operation and Monitoring: The mobile app cMT Viewer in Monitor Mode can be used to monitor a large number of devices; whilst WebView allows hassle-free monitoring with a browser.
  • Simplified UX/UI: Chart objects – Pie Chart, Bar Chart, and Table…etc – are pre-configured and require only slight adjustments before they are presentable. Action Trigger which features graphical UI-based configuration can possibly replace complex macro commands, making for reduced system development time and simplified post-deployment maintenance.
  • Easy Troubleshooting: cMT Diagnoser enables efficient verification of HMI screen logic and communication status, and also provides line-by-line macro debugging, which considerably reduces overall development effort.
  • More Powerful Connectivity: cMT X Series supports a wide range of PLC brands and their distinctive access mechanisms such as 64-bit register access, tag-based communication, and tag address import (e.g. Siemens S7 communication and TIA file import).
  • Multimedia Functionality: cMT X Series supports video playback, IP camera, as well as video recording.
  • Enhanced Operational Flexibility: cMT X Series systems are supplied with built-in multi-language keyboards.
New Product Announcement - Weintek cMT X Series Standard Model Product Specifications

Whether you are starting a new project, planning to replace old HMIs, or implementing an IIoT solution, Weintek cMT X Series is undoubtedly the best choice!

For pricing and availability, please contact our sales team on +44 20 3026 2670 or [email protected] .


Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.05.02 or later.