New Product Announcement: New BRX Discrete i/o, Combination i/o, High-Speed Pulse Combo and POM

BRX Advanced Control Programming Powerhouse

The BRX expansion modules snap onto the side of any BRX Micro PLC Unit (MPU) or BRX Remote I/O controller. Newly added BRX discrete I/O modules include 5, 8, and 16-point relay output modules with Form A (SPST) and Form C (SPDT) options; 16-point 2-5 VDC discrete input and output modules; a 16-point 2-5 VDC discrete combination input/output module; and the HSIO4 high-speed pulse combo module capable of handling up to a 2MHz frequency in differential or single-ended wiring configurations. In addition, a new Pluggable Option Module (POM) with full Ethernet capability and support for MQTT Client, Do-more, EtherNet/IP, Ethernet remote I/O, and Modbus TCP protocols (for use with Ethernet MPUs only) has also been added to the lineup.

New Module Part Numbers:
BX-P-ECOMEX BRX communication POM module, supporting EtherNet/IP and Ethernet Remote I/O
BX-16NF3 BRX discrete input module, 16-point, 2-5 VDC input range
BX-16TF2 BRX discrete output module, 16-point, point 2-5VDC 20 mA/Point TTL Sourcing Output
BX-16CF3F2 BRX discrete combo module, 8 point 2-5 VDC input/8 point 2-5 VDC 20 mA/Point TTL Sourcing Output
BX-08TRZ BRX relay output module, 8-point, 12-48 VDC/24-240 VAC 2A/Point
BX-16TRZ BRX relay output module, 16-point, 12-48 VDC/24-240 VAC 2A/Point
BX-05TRS-1 BRX relay output module, 5-point, 12-48 VDC/24-240 VAC/100-125 VDC 8A/Point
BX-HSIO4 BRX pulse combo module, 2 MHz maximum switching frequency

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