New Feature Announcement: Weintek iR-ETN Coupler Now Supports EtherNET/IP

Weintek's iR-ETN coupler for their iR Series i/o now supports Ethernet/IP

EtherNet/IP is a leading industrial protocol supported by many PLCs and controllers, with this in mind, Weintek has added EtherNet/IP protocol support to their remote I/O coupler module, iR-ETN, allowing iR Series remote I/O to support EtherNet/IP.

EtherNet/IP Communication Modes
EtherNet/IP provides two communication modes to address different demands.

ModeImplicit MessagingExplicit Messaging
Transport LayerUDPTCP
Exchange ModePeriodic Data ExchangeNon-periodic Data Exchange Data is transferred using instructions
Applicable DataData that require immediacyPLC data accessed from the Host Parameter Configuration
ArchitectureScanner: Device that establishes the connection (PLC) Adapter: Device that provides the data (iR-ETN)The Host computer is the Client iR-ETN is the Server

iR-ETN not only supports the two EtherNet/IP modes mentioned above but also retains Modbus-TCP support, as shown below:

Weintek's iR-ETN coupler for their iR Series i/o now supports Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP concurrently

Dual Ethernet Port
The iR-ETN is equipped with two Ethernet ports that not only support Star network topology but also can directly connect multiple iR-ETN modules to form an EtherNet/IP Line network topology, eliminating the need for switches or hubs providing great economic benefit.

Weintek iR-ETN coupler line network topology

EasyRemote IO – EDS Builder
Every EtherNet/IP device needs a standardized device description file (EDS), and iR-ETN’s EDS file can be exported by executing “Export EtherNet/IP EDS” in the EasyRemote IO software to generate the file according to the current module configuration. An EtherNet/IP Scanner can then import the EDS file for users to easily and quickly complete network configuration.

Version Information
Current iR-ETN users can simply update their software and firmware version to the following versions to make iR-ETN support both Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP communication protocols.

Applicable product:
iR-ETN V1.0.3.0
Applicable software: EasyRemoteIO V1.3.2.0 or later

ETHERNET/IP is a trademark of ODVA, INC
Modbus is a trademark of Schneider Electric USA, Inc