New Feature Announcement: Touch Gesture on Weintek cMT X Series HMI

Use your HMI like a Smartphone
Touch gesture, supported on selected new cMT X Series HMI, provides easier and even more intuitive operation, allowing operators to use a variety of gestures such as swiping or pinching to make the HMI execute specified functions, without the need for on-screen buttons.

Easier and Simpler UI Style
Developing HMI UI layout can take some time, designing the layout and the look of UI buttons, as shown on the left image below. In comparison, the image on the right illustrates that by replacing UI buttons with touch gestures, not only is the time for button design saved, but the project also becomes neater and operation is more intuitive.

Flexible Gesture Settings

  • Customizable gesture effective scope
    – Users can design gestures that are exclusive for a specific page, or applicable for all pages.
  • A variety of distinctive gestures
    – Single/Multi-finger swipe, multi-finger tap, multi-finger hold, or pinch with all five fingers.
  • A rich array of actions triggered by gestures
    – Touch gestures can trigger various actions such as change window, set bit, set word, execute macro, popup window, keyboard input, and screen hardcopy. Triggering a sequence of actions using a single gesture is also possible.

Touch gesture delivers revolutionary HMI operation experience, simplifying application design. It will be worthwhile learning and adopting this feature in your next cMT X Series project.

Touch gesture support was added in EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.01 and is available for use on cMT3152X / cMT3161X / cMT3162X