New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT3161X

Following great feedback for the cMT3162X HMI, Weintek have announced the release of a lightweight version, cMT3161X. The cMT3161X is broadly similar to the cMT3162X and retains many of its key features, market-wise, however, it is positioned slightly differently making the cMT X Series an attractive option in cost-sensitive applications.

The cMT3161X boasts the most powerful processor compared to those used in similar products, which delivers powerful computing capabilities, meeting customers’ desire for speedy and smooth operation. Hardware and software advantages make cMT3161X an easy fit in diverse applications allowing easy integration, a great fit for OE machine builders, panel builders and system integrators.

The rich features that make the cMT3162X shine, cMT3161X has as well:

You can purchase the cMT3161X from our web store here. Stock expected late-August 2020.

Software: EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.01 or later