New Product Announcement: Weintek cMT3072X & cMT3072XH

Lightweight and affordable, 7” HMI have been widely adopted in many different industries and are a firm favourite. With this in mind, Weintek have released new 7” HMI models in the cMT X Series range: cMT3072X and cMT3072XH (“cMT3072X(H)”) to help users with IIoT integration in their smart factories whilst also providing exceptional user experience.

cMT3072X(H) is equipped with a quad-core 64-bit Cortex A35 CPU, a big performance step up from the dual-core 32bit processor of the existing cMT3071/cMT3072 models, with the new cMT X Series models boasting a 20% improvement in computing and display performance, delivering better, faster user experience.

A key difference between the cMT3072XH and cMT3072X is that cMT3072XH uses a high-quality IPS LCD with higher resolution (1024 x 600), providing a richer visual experience, additionally, the cMT3072XH supports MPI communication interface.

The screen resolution and cutout dimension of cMT3072X(H) remain the same as the existing 7” models, therefore, almost no adjustment is required to convert existing projects to work with cMT3072X(H), helping users expedite the upgrade process.

cMT3072X(H) offers a full suite of hardware support: RS232, RS485, CAN Bus serial communication ports, dual Ethernet ports, built-in 4GB Flash memory, and external USB drive. Plus, no IIoT feature is left out; built-in OPC UA server, MQTT support, and SQL database connectivity are also available on the cMT3072X(H). With powerful hardware, feature-rich software and modest pricing, cMT3072X(H) raises the bar for 7” HMI.

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EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.02 or later