New Feature Announcement: WebView on Weintek cMT X Series HMI

When it comes to remote HMI monitoring, in addition to Weintek’s exclusive software – cMT Viewer and VNC Viewer, a new choice has been developed: WebView. WebView makes it possible for you to monitor HMI screen on your web browser using your phone, tablet, or laptop, without the need for additional software.

Using WebView is very straightforward: on a web browser, connect to the HMI settings page, click the WebView button and then the HMI screen will appear, ready for operation.

WebView can be set to start automatically, so instead of the settings page, the HMI screen shows when a web browser connects to the HMI.

For mobile devices, WebView supports one-handed mode which allows users to drag-and-scroll with one hand, allowing effortless remote HMI operation on portable devices.

WebView is optimized for mainstream web browsers to ensure the highest degree of compatibility and the best user experience.

Imagine taking your phone, opening EasyAccess 2.0 and the built-in browser with the HMI screen popping up immediately, wherever you are; that’s WebView, a new remote monitoring experience.

Webview is applicable to the cMT X Series range, links below.

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