New Feature Announcement: Macro Debug Tool for Weintek cMT Series

Macros are a powerful and flexible tool that complement built-in features with their complex logic operations and data processing capability. The task of writing macros may seem daunting at first, however, macros have fixed syntax rules that are checked by the compiler and there are manuals detailing macro use and TechTips on our website.

However, like most coding tasks, macro debugging is necessary if you encounter unexpected results. In cMT Diagnoser, a Macro Debug Tool has been developed to help users quickly identify macro errors and reduce development time.

The Macro Debug Tool is easy-to-use. Simply create your macro, compile it, and then run the simulation; the Macro Debug Tool will start in the cMT Diagnoser.

In the Debug tab, users first place breakpoints in the code and set variables to watch. When debugging, the macro execution stops at the breakpoint so that the variables and execution results can be reviewed at that point. Additionally, line-by-line execution is also possible, allowing users to follow their codes to check whether program branches and functions are being correctly executed. These tools will help users evaluate macro behaviour in order to catch bugs and resolve issues quickly, increasing work efficiency.

Macro Debug Tool can also operate on an HMI. Connect to the HMI in cMT Diagnoser and then import its macro codes, then begin debugging.

With traditional debugging methods, users can only guess the reasons for program errors from simulation results and revise code by trial and error. With each revision, testing required re-compiling or re-downloading to the HMI, which is not only time-consuming but also does not guarantee that the problem will be solved. In contrast, the Macro Debug Tool can simplify the macro design process, saving users time in HMI program development.

Applicable models: cMT Series
Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.04.01 or later