New Feature Announcement: CLICK now has PID

PID loop control capability (up to 8 loops simultaneously) has been added to the CLICK® Series of stackable, Ethernet micro brick PLCs. This feature is available in version 2.50 or greater of the CLICK software, which can be downloaded from our website here.

CLICK PID control is streamlined with only the features that most users need, including direct or reverse acting control, pulse width modulated control outputs, bumpless transfer, anti-windup, auto-tuning, process variable alarms, process variable limits, control output limits and error deadband.

The PID configuration interface is user-friendly and steps you through the parameters required.

The CLICK PID monitor gives access to and charts all PID parameters needed to test and tune the PID loops. An auto-tune interface sets up and initiates the auto-tuning feature.

CLICK PID control is simple. With the ability to configure up to 8 PID control loops updating at 100ms, CLICK provides the most affordable PID available.

If your CLICK Ethernet PLC is a version lower than 2.50 (or the version of your CLICK software) you’ll need to upgrade the Firmware version in your CLICK to download programs created with Version 2.50, you’ll be prompted to do so.

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