New Product Announcement: iR-PU01-P -Weintek Single Axis Motion Control Module

Having invested heavily in research to develop an easy-to-use, integrated motion control solution, Weintek have launched the iR-PU01-P, a single axis motion control module to their iR Series of remote i/o. This new module works with existing iR Series communication couplers to control stepper/servo motors, making it great for applications requiring positioning control, such as packaging and filling machines, measurement systems, printing machines, tension controllers and conveyor systems.

With the release of iR-PU01-P, Weintek also provide a library of motion control function blocks for use within CODESYS. By connecting a cMT HMI’s CODESYS with the iR-COP+iR-PU01-P via CANopen, these motion control function blocks can be used to control the motion with ease. Based on PLCopen Motion Control and CiA402 standards, the motion control function blocks are easy to use and greatly reduce development time.

  • Choice of iR Series Communication Couplers:
    All available iR communication are compatible iR-PU01-P, with each iR Series communication coupler supporting up to 4 iR-PU01-P at a time.
  • Simplification by Motion Control Function Blocks:
    Motion Control Function Blocks designed according to PLCopen Motion Control and CiA402 make it extremely easy to issue motion control commands. More complex applications can be handled by integration with other modules.

  • High-Speed Pulse Output:
    The iR-PU01-P can output 2MHz pulses to control the connected servo/step motor. Output modes include CW/CCW pulse, pulse + direction, and differential output. Also, velocity control allows S-Curve and initial speed specification.
  • Three-phase Differential Input:
    A/B/Z three-phase differential input (2MHz) works with an encoder or a Manual Pulse Generator (MPG).
  • Digital I/O:
    The module is equipped with high-speed digital I/O that can help with applications requiring a higher degree of control, for example, the input can be used with limit and homing sensors, and the output can be set for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) or used for digital cam switch.

Module Specifications
Module Name iR-PU01-P
Specification Number of Axis 1- Axis
PCB Coating Yes
Enclosure Plastic
Dimensions WxHxD 27 x 109 x 81 mm
Weight Approx. 0.12 kg
Mount 35mm DIN rail mounting
Environmental Protection IP20
Storage Temperature -20° ~ 70°C (-4° ~ 158°F)
Operating Temperature 0° ~ 55°C (32° ~ 131°F)
Relative Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Connection Wire Cross-section AWG 28-16 / 0.08-1.5mm2
Certification EMC Immunity

Conforms to
EN 55032: 2012+AC: 2013, Class A
EN 61000-6-4: 2007+A1:2011
EN 55024: 2010+A1: 2015
EN 61000-6-2:2005

Digital Input Specifications
Item Sink Input Differential Input
Number of Inputs 4 3 (A/B/Z phase )
Input Current [email protected] Meets the Requirements of ANSI Standards TIA/EIA-485-A
High Level Input Voltage 15~28 VDC
Low Level Input Voltage 0~5 VDC
Maximum Input Frequency 200kHz 2MHz
Input Impedance 3 KΩ
Indicators Red LED Input State
Digital Output Specifications
Item Source Output Differential Output
Number of Outputs 4 2 (A/B phase )
Output Voltage [email protected] Meets the Requirements of ANSI Standards TIA/EIA-485-A
Maximum Output Frequency 40KHz 2MHz
Indicators Red LED Input State

The iR-PU01 can be purchased from our website here.

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