New EasyBuilder Pro Feature for cMT Series: MQTT JSON Advanced Format Setting

JSON Advanced setting has been added to the MQTT Topic Publisher in EasyBuilder Pro. Beside’s being compatible with the existing simple JSON format, this function allows users to define JSON format with more flexible structure tailored to the cloud device they use. With this function, data transferred to the cloud can be generated in the required format without the need for an extra conversion tool, realising integration with diverse cloud services, turning conventional PLCs into IIoT smart devices.

Furthermore, users can simply configure the settings via an intuitive graphical interface, eliminating the need for writing JSON codes in order to define the data structure.

Left: MQTT Publisher settings. Right: MQTT messages output in JSON format.

Two major advantages of using JSON Advanced format settings:

  1. Direct use of object data format.
    • The advanced mode not only supports object format but also supports nested data structures to facilitate direct integration with diverse applications without having to change the existing JSON format into numeric data type.
  2. Graphic UI for defining JSON data structure.
    • The Graphical User Interface designed for defining MQTT data structure is extremely intuitive and easy to understand. Users can complete settings without having to learn JSON data structure, greatly lowers reducing the learning curve.
    • Adding data structures (adding values / arrays / objects, or sorting objects…etc.) can be achieved quickly thanks to the feature-rich user interface.

Applicable models: cMT Series
Software version:EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.02 or later