What’s New in CLICK Programming Software V2.40

Hot on the heels of version 2.30 of the CLICK® programming software, is version 2.40 with two great enhancements…

1. EtherNet/IP™ (Adapter Server) Protocols now supported

The CLICK® Ethernet PLC models now support the EtherNet/IP™ as an (Adapter Server) device. This allows the CLICK® PLC and its I/O to be controlled by an EtherNet/IP™ Scanner (Client). Take advantage of the low cost CLICK® PLC I/O selection for your application needs with fast and easy configuration to your existing network.

2. Copy Instructions Improvements

The Copy Instruction offers the ability for data manipulation when communicating to other devices. Improvements have been made to this instruction that will increase the ability for users to work with data from both Modbus and EtherNet/IP™ devices.

Improvements include:

• Pack from Bits (C) to Registers (DS, DH, DD, DF)
• Unpack from Registers (DS, DH, DD, DF) to Bits (C)
• Pack from Words (DS, DH) to Double-Words (DD, DF)
• Unpack from Double-Words (DD, DF) to Words (DS, DH)
• When Copying from TXT to a Register, added Binary option.
• When Copying from a Register to TXT, added ASCII Code option.

Version 2.40 can be downloaded from our website here.