TechTip: Recipes On Weintek HMI

This tech tip is about the recipe function on Weintek HMI, a frequently asked question.

As usual, we’ll work through the steps for a basic example to get you started. As with most of our TechTips, this can be achieved without any hardware, making use of the excellent simulator feature in EasyBuilder Pro.

A recipe, is a set of parameters that is used to produce a product or run a particular process. These could be times, temperatures, operation counts, volume or weight of material etc.

The example program is for a bread making process. The parameters for our bread recipe are as follows:

  • Product – ASCII 8 words (16 characters) – this will be our product name
  • Water – 16bit integer
  • WhiteFlour – 16bit integer
  • BrownFlour – 16bit integer
  • Yeast – 16bit integer
  • Sugar – 16bit integer
  • DoughStirTime – 16bit integer
  • KneadTime – 16bit integer
  • RestTime – 16bit integer
  • BakeTime – 16bit integer
  • BakeTemp – 16bit integer

Having defined our recipe fields, we can now build our recipes using “Records of Recipe Database”.

We can now view our recipe using the “Recipe View” object.

For our “Product”, we’re going to use an ASCII input object.

For each recipe item we’ll need a numeric input.

In our example, we’re using “Set Word” objects for the Recipe control word. Setting control word to “1” creates a new recipe record, “2” updates the selected record, “3” deletes the selected record and “4” deletes all recipe records.

To transfer our recipe data to our PLC, we’ll use a Data Transfer object. In our example, we’re not transferring to an actual PLC but to HMI Local words (LW memory). We’re transferring 18 words as we have 8 words of ASCII and 10 words of 16-bit integers.

A demo program is available here to download and test.