New feature on Weintek cMT Series HMI: Action Trigger

In EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.01, Weintek added a brand new feature – “Action Trigger“. This feature allows users to pre-define a series of actions through the graphical UI of EasyBuilder Pro, eliminating the need for combining multiple objects or writing macros.

Action Trigger triggers pre-defined Actions when the specified Conditions are met.

ConditionAfter pre-determined idle time or trigger condition is true
Users can combine a variety of actions, such as Set Bit, Set Word, Execute Macro, Change Window, Screen Hardcopy, Wait Until, Data Transfer…etc. As shown in the following screenshot, actions within the same Action Group are executed at the same time. When all the actions within the same group are completed, the actions in the next group are then executed.

The following scenarios can be easily achieved using Action Trigger!

  1. Writing macro commands to manage data.
    • With Action Trigger, multiple addresses can be configured at a time, in addition to performing other actions.
    • Action Trigger provides graphical UI that clearly shows the order of action execution.
    • Action Trigger eliminates the need for building complex macros, making project maintenance an easier task.
  2. Executing actions that previously required a combination of many functions.
    • Action Trigger not only simplifies configuration but also avoids the uncertainty of customizing combinations.
    • For example, before, a user may need to configure: event notification → PLC control → macro execution for a job, but now the same can be done simply by using Action Trigger.
  3. Defining behaviour after idle time.
    • Action Trigger can execute actions after idle time, for example, showing popup warning, parameter reset, data transfer, window change…etc.

Applicable models: cMT Series HMI
Software Version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.01 or later.