New feature on Weintek cMT Series HMI: Idle Timeout Setting to Release Control Token

Control token is a feature that helps ensure system safety by preventing a screen object to be controlled by multiple cMT Viewer clients simultaneously, however, sometimes users may encounter an issue where other users are prevented from gaining operation when the token possessor, having finished their operation, does not release the control token. The new idle Timeout setting is added to address this issue. When the token possessor’s HMI remains inactive for a given time period, the control token will be released for the next user.

Idle Timeout setting can be found in Control Token settings page. Please note that when Idle Timeout is set to 0, and when a cMT Viewer client acquires a control token, the control token will only be released upon leaving the page.

Applicable software version:EasyBuilder Pro V6.01.02.146 or later. Download the latest version of EasyBuilder Pro from here.