TechTip: Ramp Up and Down a Value Using a Macro On Weintek HMI

This TechTip is about using For/Next loops to ramp up and down a value on a Weintek HMI.

The macro is using local word LW 100 as the output, the time in mS between steps is set by “time” (LW 101), the value to increment/decrement by is variable “IncDecValue” (LW 102) and the number of iterations is “steps” (LW 103).

The Macro:

macro_command main()

short value = 0 // “value” is a short (16bit) – this has been zeroed – just in case!
short IncDecValue // change the increment/decrement value here

short i // i is a short to be used as the loop iteration counter
short steps // steps is a short the number of for/next loop iterations
short time // This is the time in mS used by DELAY

GetData(time, “Local HMI”, LW, 101, 1) // Get the value for DELAY time
GetData(IncDecValue, “Local HMI”, LW, 102, 1) // Get the value for the increment/decrement
GetData(steps, “Local HMI”, LW, 103, 1) // Get the number of steps

for i = 1 to steps // loop from 1 to value of “steps”
value = value + IncDecValue // add IncDecValue to “value”
SetData(value, “Local HMI”, LW, 100, 1) // put “value” into local word LW100
DELAY(time) // delay for the number of mS set in “time”
next i // do the loop

DELAY(time) // delay before decrementing

for i = 1 to steps
value = value – IncDecValue // as above but minus instead of plus
SetData(value, “Local HMI”, LW, 100, 1)
next i

end macro_command

A demo project can be downloaded from here. You can run this using the simulator in EasyBuilder Pro.