We’ve Sponsored Harris Academy Purley to Participate in “Race for the line” Season 4

We’re proud to announce we’ve sponsored Harris Academy Purley so that year 7 pupils can participate in “Race for the line” Season 4; everyone here at Lamonde is passionate about science, engineering and innovation and are glad to help to inspire the next generation of UK engineers, inventors, innovators and scientists.

So what is Race for the line all about? The student teams must design and make the fastest rocket powered car they can and compete with their designs across multiple stages in a national competition.

Each team’s car will use the same size rocket motor and compete over the same track distance. The winning teams on race days will have the cars that have the most efficient aerodynamics, have lower mass and that have safe, well-designed wheels that reduce friction and can survive the forces of a high-speed run.

Every student in Year 7/S1 will have an opportunity to refine their designs through the at-school test stages, and at the regional and national finals, where they will build new cars to compete with other schools.

We will update you with the progress of the Harris Academy Purley teams as time goes on.

Read more here about “Race for the line”.