TechTip: Sending Alarm Emails from a Weintek HMI

This TechTip is about sending alarms from a Weintek HMI. The example is using Gmail – but you can use your own preferred email provider of course.

In Gmail, you will need to enable “Allow less secure apps”. this can be found here: when logged into your Gmail account. This is because a Weintek HMI is not a device recognised by Google (such as a PC, iPad, IOS or Android device).

In  EasyBuilder Pro system parameters, we need to tick the enable email box. and enter the account credentials. They are as shown below (for Gmail – other email providers may differ).

You also need to set up at least one recipient for your alarm email:

And add the address to a Group using the >> button

Setting up an Alarm

Click on Event (Alarm) Log

Click “New”

Set the trigger for the Alarm – in this example, and that of the accompanying Example program we are using HMI local bit LB0:

The alarm needs some Content, such as “Alarm Triggered!” as shown here or a description to suit your application

On the e-mail  tab, the email can be sent when the Alarm event occurs, when the Alarm event clears, or both. This is selected by tick boxes.

Select recipient group by clicking “To…”

Define the message to be sent – this can be customised for event triggered and event cleared.

A demo program is available to download here.