TechTip: Importing Haiwell PLC tags into a Weintek HMI Project

From Version V6.01.02.146 of EasyBuilder Pro, Component Comments from Haiwell PLCs can be imported into Weintek HMI projects. Component comments are added to the Haiwell program elements by adding // after the address, for example, X0//Start Button, X1//Stop Button etc.

Example Haiwell PLC program with Component comments


1./ Create your Haiwell PLC program – use Component comments for those elements that you want to use in the HMI – it’s not a bad idea to comment every element in a program for future reference.

2./ Export the component comments from HaiwellHappy programming software:

3./ Select “Component comment table”:

4./ Select a filename for your Component comment/tag export:

5./ In EasyBuilder Pro, set up the Haiwell PLC with it’s IP address etc and then click “Import Tags”

6./ Import the Tags/Component comment CSV file:
7./ Select the required Tags:8./ Success!

9./ Using the tags in your HMI project: