EasyBuilder Pro V6 is here!

Building on Weintek’s long experience of HMI software design, V6 brings EasyBuilder Pro bang up to date in both look and feel.

The new ribbon style menu systems are logical, intuitive and easy to follow.

Recently used objects populate this panel on the home tab as and when you use them allowing for even faster project design.

Expanding the recently used panel reveals the groups of objects for faster access from the home tab without having to go to the object tab.

New model Support
V6 of EasyBuilder pro supports the new HMI models recently released, such as the cMT3072, cMT-HDMI & cMT-g02.

The layout of the object ribbon is visual with all objects quickly and easily accessible.

Other enhancements include the ability to directly paste pictures into a project…

Transparent colours can be chosen when you paste.

We really hope you enjoy using the new version as much as we have enjoyed evaluating and testing it Рalways download the latest version of EasyBuilder Pro from our website here.

If for any reason you ever require an older version of EasyBuilder Pro, we maintain an archive on our server available for download – just call one of our technical team on +44 203 026 2670 if you require a specific version of EasyBuilder Pro.