Announcing the cMT-HDMI

Hot on the heels of the cMT3072 is the cMT-HDMI, the proven, popular cMT architecture with an HDMI output.

The cMT-HDMI is an HMI without a screen – the screen can be an HDMI screen such as a TV or industrial monitor.

As well as the rich cMT features, the cMT-HDMI also offers several improvements over the mTV-100 with support for different resolution screens and native support for several industry standard touchscreens (list of currently tested models below – connection to the touchscreen is via USB):

• HOPE HIS-ML (19.5)
• IMD-C160PT (15.6)
• iEi DM-F22A/PC-R11 (21.5)

Support for the cMT-HDMI will be in V6 onwards versions of EasyBuilder Pro which can be downloaded from our website here. We are expecting to have stock early 2018.

The cMT-HDMI is available to purchase on our website here.