7″ cMT Series HMI – cMT3072 – Launching 1st December 2017

The latest addition to the Weintek HMI range is the 7″ cMT3072. Built on the proven Weintek cMT architecture, the cMT3072 brings the rich features of the CloudHMI cMT architecture to the 7″ HMI market.

The panel cut-out is the same as the existing Weintek 7″ HMI but the resolution is improved from 800 x 480 to 1024 x 600 on the cMT3072. The screen itself is IPS rather than the existing TFT offering superior clarity and wider viewing angles.

With the built-in EasyAccess 2.0 licence, remote access to the HMI and PassThrough to PLCs and controllers is a breeze and dual ethernet provides demarcation between your control LAN and your wider plant network. MySQL data & alarm synchronisation capability can give fast, easy integration into upper-level reporting and logging systems.

A wide input voltage range of 10.5 – 28VDC provides greater flexibility for applications.

Programming the cMT3072 will require V6 or later of EasyBuilder Pro, which you will be able to download from our website in due course.