cMT Series HMI helps build your IIoT environment through OPC UA

In the era of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), not only should the connectivity of equipment on the plant floor improve, upper layer management systems, such as SCADA, MES, ERP…etc, should be able to have immediate access to data produced by factory machines.Weintek OPC UA

Weintek provides the best solution for communication between onsite machines and upper layer management systems. This is achieved with the cMT Series Smart HMIs (cMT-SVR & cMT3151), using the most common M2M protocols: MQTT and OPC UA. In this architecture, the cMT Series HMI are not just for operating machines, collecting and managing data, but also become an IIoT Communication Gateway enabling Data from connected PLC’s, Controllers and other devices to be published to the IIoT system.

OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is the next generation of OPC, featuring cross-platform inter-operability, high security and proven reliability. Retaining all of the functions of OPC such as data access, alarms and history access, this significantly reduces the costs of system integration. For data transfer between the onsite machines and upper layer management systems, OPC UA has both encryption and authentication, allows real-time data transmissions and is firewall friendly.

Upper layer clients, such as Kepware, Indusoft, WebStudio, Inductive Automation Ignition, Progea Movicon, and Siemens WinCC, connect with the cMT Series OPC UA server to communicate with over 250 brands of PLCs & controllers. Using EasyAccess 2.0, users can easily remotely access the cMT Series HMI. Mutual communication between factory machines and cloud data can be achieved for simultaneous monitoring and control.


Cross-Platform: OPC UA uses standard TCP/IP to communicate, enabling OPC UA clients to operate under Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

High Security: Connecting an OPC UA client to the OPC UA server on cMT Series HMI requires a certificate to authenticate your application and protect the connection, this ensures that your data is protected and maintains confidentiality and integrity.

High Reliability: OPC UA client allows configurable timeout setting, error checking and automatic recovery from communication failure.

Tag Structure: Adopting EasyBuilder Pro’s tag structure the PLC or Controller Addresses used can be clearly seen, freeing you from memorizing addresses.

Subscribe Mechanism: The OPC UA server on cMT-SVR/cMT3151 supports subscription – OPC clients can subscribe to tag addresses to receive real-time updates from the cMT-SVR/cMT3151 OPC UA server when the data of factory machine changes without polling therefore saving time and bandwidth.