Productivity2000 – A Powerful Addition to Automation Direct’s Programmable Controllers

P2000Productivity2000 is the new addition to Automation Direct’s Productivity range of Industrial Controllers. This modular, rack-based system has a powerful CPU with fast scan times incorporating 50 MB of memory and five communications ports. It also has a wide range of discrete and analogue input and output modules and extensive expansion.

Joining the larger Productivity3000 and using an updated version of the same free ProductivitySuite programming tool, users benefit from the ease-of use and flexibility of a modern control system and development environment:

  • Projects can be split into multiple programs which can run concurrently – each handling separate tasks.
  • Tasks can individually be configured to run continuously, at regular time intervals, on the first scan for initialisation or when required triggered by events.
  • Inputs and outputs are defined as tags making it easier to relate names to the field devices they are connected to.
  • PID control loops offer maximum flexibility and auto-tuning whilst being quick to set-up and configure.
  • Set-up is simplified by auto discovery of connected I/O
  • An OLED display on the CPU provides status information, system alarms, configuration data and can also be configured to display user-defined messages
  • Displays on analogue modules show field values and status information
  • Maintenance is simplified with hot-swappable I/O modules
  • A microSD memory slot can be used for up to 32GB of additional data logging and can also be used for uploading or downloading the program
  • A web browser provides remote access to data files and tag information

The five onboard communications ports offer support for the following:

  • RS232 for Modbus Master or Slave and ASCII in or out
  • RS485 also for Modbus Master or Slave and ASCII in or out
  • Dedicated Ethernet for connection to GS Drive Network
  • Ethernet port for programming and monitoring, connection to Modbus TCP devices or connection to Ethernet/IP devices
  • USB Port for programming and monitoring

These are just the highlights for this new powerful solution from Automation Direct. Click here for full details and pricing. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss an application, get a quote, arrange a demo or arrange an evaluation, send us a message providing your contact details and any other relevant application details.