C-more HMI Update – Increased Capability and Ease-of-Use

cmore6With the latest release of the C-more HMI programming software – Version 6 – Automation Direct have added several enhancements to functionality, improved the appearance of graphical objects and added or improved aspects of the ease-of-use of the programming tool.

An Alarm List Object allows the customisation of the alarm list, alarm history and alarm count views. Alarms can be colour coded to make it easier for the operator interpret the status of the alarms and further simplified by the display of “Active” and “Confirmed” icons. It is now also possible to sort alarms based on the column headers.

Programmers now also have additional choices for how Recipes are handled including adding and deleting recipes, editing values and downloading to PLC registers. It is also possible to create and edit recipes in a spreadsheet.

The Event Manager now supports a maths action when an event occurs where a calculation can be performed with tag values and constants with the result being stored in a user-defined tag. It also allows up to 4 tags to be used in a logical combination to create a new event.

A new Database Filtering Tool makes it easier to sort and search through the 4 databases – tags, messages, events and address book. An Object Layer Tool allows you to lock/unlock and hide/unhide objects on the active screen and allows access to individual objects within groups without having to ungroup them.

Graphics have been improved with better-looking default pop-up keypads, enhanced object frames and format options, colour gradient options for 3-D effects and templates to allow the use of consistent themes throughout the project.

Other ease-of-use enhancements include improvements to the graphical user interface (GUI), more powerful navigation window, addition of print preview and ability to sort tags.

If you already have a C-more programming software license (for the EA9 range or the older EA7 range) you can download the software now and use your existing license code. Alternatively, the software can be purchased here.